Oil of Libya export halted

Sunday 19 January 2020 - 15:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: On the verge of Berlin summit tribes and groups supporting general Haftar stopped oil export in north of Libya.

Yesterday some tribes of Zuwaitina area, to stop the income from oil export for GNA, demanded oil production in oil fields Zuwaitina, Bariqa, Raas Lanuf and breached into the oil fields of the region and shut them off.

Mustafa Sana’ Allah, head of national oil company of Libya, condemning oil production halt in these oil fields, said more than half of Libya oil export is stopped which is 800 thousand barrels and 55 million dollar loss per day.
Al-Mismari, spokesperson of LNA, called this a spontaneous and popular move.

The area is famous as oil crescent of Libya and is controlled by general Haftar but the incomes are for national oil company. 60% of the Libya oil is produced here.

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