Latest updates on Afghanistan, 20 January 2020

Monday, 20 January 2020 - 20:22

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts

1. Faryab:
– Unknown attacked Muhammad Yunes home, a senior of Khaniqah area, Andkhuy district, killed four (him and his family) brutally, two injured. Government accuses Taliban.
The army reported to kill Mulla Ibrahim Haqyar, a Taliban commander in the area and the main suspect.

2. Helmand:
Due to terrorist attack in Lashkar Gah district, three police injured.

3. Qunduz:
According to defense ministry, during the cleansing operation of Yatim village in Chahar Darre district, one Taliban headquarter was discovered and bombed.

4. Balkh:
– Due to airstrike on Naqelin village, Sholgara district, four Taliban militants were killed.
– In the operation by security forces to cleanse villages Palas Push and Hiwad two Taliban militants were captured.

5. Qandahar:
Due to Taliban attack to security forces HQ in Arghandab area, 16 security forces were captured.

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