Battle of “Military Vehicle Base” in Harasta ! ; eastern Ghutah of Damascus

Friday 5 January 2018 - 13:36

After unsuccessful attacks to Harasta Military Vehicle Base by militia last month, this time avoiding direct attack, they operate in al Ajami district and try to cut the logistic axis to the Military Vehicle Base by occupying this neighborhood and then the opportunity to occupy the base.

In the last few days, militia put heavy fire and exploded a suicide bomb near the office of citrus which shows their determination to occupy this place. Finally, by militia advances, the Military Vehicle Base is besieged.


After six days, there are still engagements and more troops are deployed to the region. Syrian army starts to counterattack to regain lost lands and could reach 800 m of the Military Vehicle Base.

Fighters are also bombing militia logistic axis in Arbin, Modira and Harasta heavily.

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