Fabrication of the casualties of Ain al Assad in Afghanistan; US military plane crashes in Ghazni + Video

Monday, 27 January 2020 - 18:23

Few hours ago the news of an E-11A aircraft crash in Deh Yek, Ghazni province was broadcasted. It was stated that the aircraft was military and had between ten to 85 crew. However, the capacity of this model is about 20. Then Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban’s spokesperson took the responsibility in a statement.

Based on our investigation, this incident is not irrelevant to unclaimed casualties of Ain al Assad missile attack and we can give the following reasons:

1. After martyrdom of Qassem Soleimani and missile attack to Ain al Assad base, Zalmay Khalilzad met with Taliban team numerous times in Qatar. Although it was claimed that these meetings were following the previous meetings, but it seems in the midst of all these important development Khalilzad and Taliban were not in this world and these meetings look suspicious.

2. Before this on incident, from the day of the Ain al Assad attack on 8 January so far, Americans have reported several soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, Syria, etc., due to car accident, fall of height!, helicopter crash and engagement with Taliban, and none of them were confirmed with evidences or details. Only in Afghanistan Taliban took responsibility of them.

3. Taliban had not shot down any crewed aircraft, either cannot or did not want. Their capabilities is to only shot down helicopters. Nevertheless, Taliban has claimed before to shot down one F-16 and B-52 but never were confirmed.

4. In addition why Taliban should do this attack just before reaching agreement with USA? Why Americans are prolonging the talks for the last three weeks? What did Khalilzad offer to occupy Taliban with?

5. The following facts in the evidences are noteworthy:
– The capacity of the airplane have been announced as 80 or 30 passengers. This model normally can carry about 20 passengers.
– Aref Nuri, spokesperson of Ghazni governorate, without having access to the crash site said: All the bodies are burnt and only the bodies of two pilots are left!
– Rahmani, member of parliament from Ghazni: The shot down airplane had 15 passengers and did not belong to Ariana airlines.
– In Taliban’s statement said that all the crew were military and part of CIA.

6. Even if we accept the released news, it can be said that on agreement with which country except Iran, Taliban dared to cancel the agreement with USA and shot down their aircraft? What will happen if USA and Taliban don’t agree? If the news are correct and Taliban shot down the aircraft without lobbying with USA, it means Trump should leave Afghanistan without any privilege or start a new era of high casualty war with Taliban.

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