Southern Transitional Council retreat from northern front of Dhale’

Sunday 2 February 20 - 22:55

ISWNews Analysis Group: Southern Transitional Council (STC) evacuated two of its brigades from Qaatabah and al-Azariq fronts against Ansar Allah.

According to this report, the transition council moved sixth brigades of Saiqah under command of Obaid al-Aaram from Azariq front to a base at the southern gate of Dhale and Batar front in Hasha district (west of Dhale).
They also moved first brigade of Saiqah under command of Solani from Fakhir front (west of Qatabah) to al-Lala base.

The reason of this retreat is not clear but it seems the transition council to support their forces in Aden, moved back their local forces from the fronts.
Last week Amaliqah forces (subbranch of National Resistance) retreated toward Aden from Fakhir and Moris front, in the same sense.

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