Turkish Military Convoy Stops in Kafr Halab; Heavy Fire in the Area by Syrian and Russian Armies.

Tuesday 30 January 2018 - 11:07

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With incisive warning of Syrian and Russian Armies to Turkish convoy, Turkish advance is stopped at least for tonight!

A big military convoy of Turkish Army moves from Kafr Lusin in Idlib toward south of Aleppo and al Eis tonight.

According to local witnesses there are more than 130 military vehicles in this convoy and stops first in Sarmada to gather the convoy and then moves to Dana and then moves to western Aleppo to reach Atareb.

The goal of this convoy as mentioned before is the strategic area of Tal al Eis in southern Aleppo; so Turkish troops move towards it but are stopped near village Qamari due to heavy fire thrown by Syrian Army and Moghawemat artilleries and also continuous patrols of Russian and Syrian fighters above.


Turkish troops plan to establish a military base in al Eis in southern Aleppo by presenting in the region. This is the first time that Turkish forces are penetrating to such deep distance of the regions occupied by Tahrir al Sham (related to al Qaeda) and plan to establish a military base.


It is noteworthy that in the whole route, Turkish convoy is escorted and supported by terrorists of Tahrir al Sham.


Finally, after serious warnings of Syrian and Russian armies to stop the advances, most of the convoy retreat to Idlib and some vehicles are left in Kafr Halab.


The complete dimensions of the story are not clear but specifically convoy entering Aleppo governorate without permission is one of the main reasons of such a reaction by Syrian Army.


Complimentary news to come later…


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