Are AnsarAllah’s Missiles Made in Iran?

Thursday 22 February 2018 - 07:30

In early days of Saudi Alliance attack to Yemen, brigadier general Ahmad al Asiri (the alliance spokesperson), declares that Yemeni missile bases and arsenals are destroyed by their fighter but …

… after almost three years from the start of Yemen war, Yemeni Borkan, Qaher, Zelzal and etc. missiles are hitting targets up to 1000 km from Riyadh to Abu Dhabi by penetrating advanced defensive missile systems such as Patriot.

During this war every time a Yemeni missile is fired, media close to Saudi and their allies crying that they are made in Iran and make everyone to ask it.


There are three possibilities:


  1. They are made in Iran! (According to Saudis and Americans)

Yemen is heavily surrounded from air and AnsarAllah does not have access to southern coasts which denies sending any kind of weapons to them from any country. Western coast is also out of usage after Bab al-Mandab Strait is controlled by Saudis.

Even if we assume they received missiles before the war started, their resource should finish after they have fired tens of missiles in the last three years.


  1. Missiles are provided by Ali Abdullah Saleh (according to Ali Abdullah Saleh)

This is contradicting Saudi’s claim of destroying their arsenals first and second they will corrupt over time and cannot be used. Third is that even if we accept Saleh’s claim, it is unlikely that AnsarAllah has access to them and arises so many questions: Did Saleh and AnsarAllah agree over missiles? Have the missiles been found and confiscated by AnsarAllah after Saleh’s government fell? Did Saleh willingly give AnsarAllah the missiles?


  1. They are made by missile units of Yemen Army (according to Yemen officials)

This is the most likely possibility.

First that the knowledge of manufacturing missile has been transferred to Moghawemah in Gaza strip so transferring it to Yemen is not harder.

Second some Saleh’s missiles might have been found by AnsarAllah and Yemen Army and they inverse engineer them.

In conclusions, answering this question (where the missiles come from?) is not easy and there are many factors. (In the same context some Saudi intellectuals believe Iran transported weapons via Somalia which is creative!)



What we can conclude is that Yemen missile power is indigenous with or without Iran’s help and this dissuasive power is a privilege for them in negotiation and a response to air raids by Saudi Alliance but not a revolution in battlefield!

As the battle fronts recently due to siege performed by Saudi Alliance, USA and Emirates’ recent seduction (Saleh’s deception and Sana engagements) are not in good situation for AnsarAllah and Yemeni officials are buying time with their forces sacrifice to keep the tribal and political alliance of Yemen to start attacking operations later.

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