Syrian Army Advances in Eastern Ghoutah of Damascus; Hawsh Dawahira Liberation

Thursday 1 March 2018 - 08:45

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army and Suheil Hassan’s forces advances in eastern Ghoutah of Damascus, liberate Hawsh Dawahira area and Shifuniyah square.

After two days of engagements, finally Syrian Army by destroying militia’s tunnels in Hawsh Dawahira area and advance from southern farms, could liberate village Hawsh Dawahira and Shifuniyah square (entrance gate to Shifuniyah) from them.


Village Hawsh Dawahira was partially liberated which today completely liberates.


It is noteworthy that seven field officers of militia are killed, the most important among whom is Abul Rahman Qasim known as of Abu Muhammad from Shifuniyah.

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