Latest updates on Afghanistan, 30 March 2020

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 - 08:13

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines and intra-Afghan talks

1. Badakhshan:
According to our local source, Yamgan district fell to Taliban. However, Afghan Defense Ministry rejected the claim.

2. Taliban called the committee assigned by Ashraf Ghani government not inclusive and due to lack of presence of representatives of some political movement. Taliban rejected Ashraf Ghani’s decision and called it against peace agreement with USA.

3. Balkh:
– In Taliban engagement with security forces in Sholgara district, 10 Taliban militants killed and injured.
– Due to Taliban attack to Zari district, three villages in Abdulgan area were occupied. Hazarah people live here.

4. Ashraf Ghani administration will release 100 of Taliban prisoners out of humanitarianism until 31 March.

5. Takhar:
Due to Taliban attack to Khaja Ghar district, 13 Taliban members killed and five injured.

6. Due to Taliban attacks to security forces stations in provinces Zabul, Qandahar, Urozgan and Khaja Ghar district in Takhar province, 24 Taliban militants were killed and 17 injured. 16 security forces were killed and tens injured.

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