Latest updates on Libya, 1 April 2020

Wednesday 1 April 2020 - 20:26

Latest news from Libya’s fronts

1. Sirte and Misrata:
– A Turkish army drone “Bayraktar” was shot down over southeast of Misrata. It is said to be Turkey’s eighth drone to be shot down by LNA.
– LNA and GNA engagement in Abu Qarin.
– GNA drone bombed LNA positions in Washka, west of Sirte.

2. GNA drone attacked LNA positions in Watiya airport.

3. GNA forces shot down LNA drone in Ujaylat.

4. Tripoli:
– GNA and LNA engagement in Qasr ibn Ghashir, south of Tripoli.
– GNA artillery bombed LNA and Russian counsellors (WAGNER) in Khalatat and Saladin.
– GNA and LNA forces engagement in outskirts Takbali base.

5. GNA operation room reported to bombed Jufra airport by their warbirds.

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