Head of Khorasan branch of ISIS arrested!

Sunday, 5 April 2020 - 11:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: Head of national general security of Afghanistan reported of arresting Abdullah Orakzai, head of Khorasan branch of ISIS with 19 militants.

Abdullah Orakzai alias Aslam Farooqi was head of ISIS in Achin and Pishawar before. He is citizen of Pakistan and from Akhundzadegan village, Orakzai area.
Also Qari Zahed known as Mu’adh, the ISIS’s military chief in Afghanistan, and Saifullah known as Abu Talhah Pakistani, responsible for recruiting and supporting ISIS in Nangarhar were arrested.

ISIS in Afghanistan is consisted mainly of unhappy militias from other groups such as Taliban, Haqqani, Lashkar Taibah, etc.

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