» ISIS in Afghanistan

Monday, 4 October 2021 - 09:43

Heavy clashes between Taliban and ISIS in Kabul

ISWNews Analysis Group: On October 3, more than 45 people have been killed and wounded due to ISIS bomb attack and heavy clashes between the Taliban and ISIS in the city of Kabul.

Thursday, 2 September 2021 - 07:30

How will ISIS threats turn out in Afghanistan?

After 20 years of occupying Afghanistan by USA and NATO terrorist groups are still active, except that ISIS took position of Al Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba, etc. But why?!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 - 08:40

ISIS activities increase in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Based on the intelligence collected, the movements and activities of the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan are increasing rapidly.

Monday, 3 August 2020 - 12:27

Afghanistan: ISIS attacks on Jalalabad prison

ISWNews Analysis Group: At least 21 people have been killed and more than 40 injured in an ISIS attack on a government prison in the city of Jalalabad in Nangarhar province.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020 - 00:59

Another crime by ISIS in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan, killed the Col. Gholam Sakhi, one of the Afghan government security officials.