Afghanistan: Series of explosions in Kabul, 6 killed and wounded

Friday 10 December 21 - 21:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: On December 10, six people were killed and injured as a result of three explosions in the sixth and third districts of Kabul city.

As a result of two consecutive explosions in front of the entrance of Shahid Mazari Mosque and Al-Zahra Mosque located in the sixth district of Kabul, a civilian vehicle was targeted, And according to local sources, all occupants of the car were killed. The Taliban Interior Ministry said two people were killed and three wounded in the attack.

Also, a woman was injured in another terrorist attack in the third district of Kabul city.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for today’s terrorist attacks. However, due to the concentration of attacks in Shiite areas and the loss of civilians, it is likely that these attacks were carried out by IS-KP terrorists.

Although Taliban officials have spoken of ISIS inability to carry out terrorist attacks and create insecurity, the group’s continued terrorist attacks indicate ISIS influence and power in the Afghan capital.

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