ISIS Fatal Attacks In Badakhshan; 3 Tajik Taliban Officials Killed!

Thursday 8 June 2023 - 17:22

ISWNews Analysis Group – In consequence of the Tuesday attacks by terrorists of the ISIS group on the Taliban in Faizabad town, several local officials of the Taliban, including Molavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, Molavi Safiullah and Qari Ehsanullah were killed and several others were wounded.

On Tuesday (June 6), a convoy carrying local Taliban officials in Badakhshan province in Faizabad town, the center of Badakhshan province, was targeted by the ISIS terrorist group.

The attack was carried out via explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle at the Dadsetani intersection, which ended up in the killing of eight Taliban officials, including deputy governor of the Taliban in Badakhshan province Molavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi. The ISIS terrorist group took responsibility for the attack hours after it was carried out by issuing a statement.

Pictures of Molavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, deputy governor of the Taliban in Badakhshan and the place of his assassination

Two days after the attack, another terrorist attacked the funeral ceremony of Molavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi at the Nabawi Mosque in Faizabad town and blew himself up among the people present in the mosque.

The explosion also led to the killing of at least 16 Taliban forces and injuring more than 50 others.

It should be noted that dozens of middle-ranking members and local officials of the Taliban group attended the funeral ceremony of deputy governor of the Taliban in Badakhshan province Molvi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi at the Nabawi Grand Mosque in Faizabad town, who were targeted by a suicide bomber.

Among those present at the funeral ceremony were Minister of Economy of the Taliban caretaker government Qari Din Mohammad Hanif, former security commander of the Taliban in Baghlan province Molvi Safiullah Samim and prayer Imam of Nabawi Grand Mosque Qari Ehsanullah.

It is worth mentioning that the names of Molvi Safiullah and Qari Ehsanullah have been mentioned among those killed in the terrorist attack.

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