Al-Bakhiti: Ceasefire without lifting siege means continuing the war and aggression

Thursday, 9 April 2020 - 20:41

ISWNews Analysis Group: Muhammed al-Bakhiti, member of political office and a high rank commander of Ansar Allah, in an interview conditioned ceasefire to lift of siege of Yemen.

He said:
– We want the war to stop and the siege to end.
– Continuation of siege means continuation of assault on Yemen. A ceasefire which doesn’t come with siege end, means continuation of war.
– The tide of power is turning in favor of Ansar Allah and enemy coalition is worried about liberation of other provinces.
– Siege of Yemen resulted in epidemic of many diseases. Corona became an excuse for Saudi coalition to stop the war.
– Saudis know that our health ministry cannot control and fight problems of diseases but they are spreading them to us.

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