Is Iraq the field of settling military and political scores between US and Iran?!

Saturday, 11 April 2020 - 07:56

For those who think Iraq is a field for settling military and political scores between Iran and the US, history indicates that this is right or wrong. Study the history!

1. John F.Kennedy in 1963: If there wasn’t the Feb 8th coup, we could set fire on Baghdad.

2. Ali Saleh Al Saadi in 1968, after the Jul 17th coup: We came by American train.

3. Account purification and displacement by acid from 1968 to 2003, under US supervision and awareness

4. In 1979, after the revolution in Iran, Saddam took over the leadership by force after Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr refused US request for starting a war against Iran.

5. Starting the war against Iran with US order by Saddam in the years of 1980 to 1988, that near 2 million people were killed and wounded and Iraq was faced with about 75 billion dollars military debt and by borrowing from US, Iraq turned to a debtor country.

6. Conflict and Kuwait occupation by Saddam, with the US green light in 1990.

7. Starting of US operation against Iraq in 1991 by the name of “desert storm”, that according to ceasefire agreement Iraq accepted to eliminate all of its chemical and biologic weapons and allow the UN inspectors to inspect its bases. In these conflicts, about 175 thousands of Iraqi forces were captured and 20 thousands were killed.

8. The Iraqi people Shabaniyah Intifadha in 1991 that after Iraqi Baath party reaction with US green light, 10 thousands of people were killed and about 2 million were displaced. A number of clergy were arrested or executed, and a number of them escaped from Iraq. Also, in the Baath party reaction, Imam Ali and Imam Hussein shrines were damaged, and the Iraqi government destroyed many religious schools, mosques and Hussainiyah.

9. The US economic sanction against Iraq in 1991 that by it, 1.5 million of Iraqi people were killed. In 1996, the CBS journalist asked from Madeleine Albright, the US former secretary of state that it’s be said that half a million children have died in Iraq, because of economic sanctions. That’s even more than the children that were killed in Hiroshima. Do you think such a price is worth it? Albright’s response was this: “we think the price is worth it!”

10. The Iraq occupation in 2003 by US, that several thousands of people were killed in it.

11. The comment of Donald Rumsfeld the US republican politician in 2004: Iraq has turned to a sponge and magnet for attracting the terrorists from all around the world.

12. In 2004, with US consent, Jordanian intelligence service released Abu Musab Al Zarqavi from the prison, and with equipping him with 380 million dollars, dropped him for doing terroristic actions and falsification of the resistance in the region.

13. The preparation and making civil war between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq by US in 2005.

14. Creation of ISIS by the US and their entering into Iraq, that several thousands of Iraqi people were killed in the war against ISIS.

And suddenly

15. In 2019 (some) of Iraqi people were convinced that Iran is the cause of their destruction and the current unpleasant situation in Iraq!

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