Zionists’s horror from Resistance forces power!

Saturday 18 April 2020 - 12:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night the Israeli army was in full alert on the border line with Lebanon in fear of Hezbollah activities.

According to reports, Zionists fired flare bullets in the Lebanese southern sky, because of the likelihood of Hezbollah forces passing.
One hour after the searching, the Zionists announced of the creation three slots in the border barbed wire.
By publishing the pictures of this event, became clear that three very large slots have been created in this barbed wires.

It should be mentioned that Zionist regime has created the highest level of protection in the border line with Lebanon, and approaching the people to these barbed wires is almost impossible.
In fact, this action is considered the Resistance forces response to the Zionists unsuccessful attack on a vehicle belonged to the Resistance inside the Syrian territory.

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