Latest Updates on Libya, 25 April 2020

Saturday 25 April 2020 - 18:47

Latest news from Libya’s frontlines

1. The GNA warplanes and drones bombed the LNA positions in al-Watiyah airbase in the northwest of Libya 4 times. It’s said that in these attacks 14 LNA forces killed and 7 military vehicles destroyed.

2. Tripoli:
– In the bombardment of north of Ain Zarah region by the LNA artillery, 4 Nigerian national were wounded.
– The GNA artillery bombed the regions in south of Ain Zarah and Qasr ibn Ghashir.
– Pro-GNA sources claimed the dispatching of Sudanese forces to Tripoli fronts for supporting from LNA forces.
– Clashes between GNA and LNA were reported in the Abu Saleem axis.

3. Bani Walid:
The GNA warplanes bombed the LNA supply line and fuel-tank convoy in the suburb of Bani Walid, 3 times. (image)

4. Tarhunah:
The LNA artillery bombed the Souq al-Juma region.

5. The European countries including Germany, France and Italy have demanded the ceasefire and resumption of peace in Libya.

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