Latest Updates on Libya, 15 May 2020

Friday 15 May 2020 - 22:15

Latest news from the Libya’s frontlines

1. Tripoli:
– During LNA airstrikes on Mitiga airport depots, the city council election ballot boxes were destroyed. The election committee postponed date of this election. (image)
– During the LNA artillery attacks on al-Zawiah hospital and its suburb residential regions, 14 people were wounded.
– The LNA artillery bombed the al-Farnaj region.
– The GNA artillery bombed the Yarmuk base.

2. Sirte:
– The GNA artillery bombed the LNA positions in the al-Washka.
– The GNA artillary bombed the LNA positions and gatherings in the coastal road. During these bombardments, a military vehicle was destroyed and several LNA members were killed and wounded.

3. Jabal al-Gharbi:
– The LNA warplanes struck the GNA positions in the Gharyan.
– The GNA drone struck the LNA military vehicle in the suburb of al-Nasmah.

4. Yafren:
The GNA aircraft have bombed the al-Watiyah airbase 57 times since the beginning of May 2020.

Interactive map of Libya

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