Latest Updates on Libya; 23 May 2020 (Map Update)

Saturday 23 May 2020 - 21:22

ISWNews Analysis Group: Despite the LNA claim about its 3 kilometers withdrawal from the Tripoli fronts, the LNA forces have had heavy failures and have extensively withdrew from Tripoli various fronts.

1. Tripoli:
– The GNA took completely the regions of al-Ramla, Khala al-Farjan, Salah al-Din and also Takbali, Hamza and Yarmuk bases control, after withdrawal of the LNA forces from the southern fronts of Tripoli.
– The LNA artillery bombed the Ain Zarah axis.

2. Sirte:
The GNA drones targeted the LNA positions in the al-Washaka area.

3. Gharyan:
– The GNA took the al-Asabeah city under control, after clashes with the LNA. Now, the GNA have focused their attacks on al-Shaqiqah.
– The LNA warplanes have carried out 5 airstrikes on Gharyan.

4. Tarhuna:
The LNA succeeded to shot down an Anka drone (Turkish-made) in the Tarhuna area.

5. Jabal al-Gharbi:
– A Bayraktar TB2 drone (Turkish-made) was shot down by the LNA, in the al-Shuwairaf area located in southwest of the Jabal al-Gharbi province.
– The GNA forces shot down a Wing Loong drone (Chinese-made) in the suburb of al-Qariyat located in the Jabal al-Gharbi province.

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