Anniversary of south of Lebanon liberation

Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - 12:25

On 25 May 2000 Zionist regime army was forced to retreat from south of Lebanon under Hezbollah heavy attacks, thus this day is celebrated as south of Lebanon liberation.

Zionist regime army occupied south of Lebanon in 1978 and entered Beirut in 1982 but later retreated, however south of Lebanon remained occupied by Zionists until 2000.
The operation to liberate south of Lebanon was started on 21 May 2000 from al-Ghanduriyah area toward al-Qantrah by resistance forces and other southern areas and finally on 25 May, Zionists retreated from south of Lebanon.

South part of Lebanon was occupied by Zionist regime for 22 years and resistance and courage of Lebanon Hezbollah resulted in liberation of it.

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