Latest Updates on Yemen 9 April 2018; Heavy Engagement in North of Hajjah

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 - 21:20

Heavy engagement in front Midi; firing missile Badr-1; Saleh al Samad threatens Saudi Arabia

1. Firing a missile Badr-1 toward Khamis Mashit in Asir (south of Saudi Arabia) at noon of 8 April.


2. Firing a missile Qahir-M2 to gathering position of the alliance forces in region Mosem in Jizan (south of Saudi Arabia) in the morning of 9 April.


3. Heavy engagement in front Midi (northwest of Hajjah governorate).

The alliance claims to operate widely to occupy this district and so far with heavy casualties have not achieved anything significant.


4. Threat of Saleh al Samad and other Yemeni commanders to force Saudis to return to negotiations.

(Saleh al Samad: This year is the year of different ballistic missiles and Saudi no matter how much defense it has, will not be safe from our missiles.)

AnsarAllah leaders claimed before that they are ready to ceasefire and start peace negotiation if the alliance stops attacks and preserves dignity of Yemenis

(Photos showing people of Sadaa protesting the recent assault of a Yemeni woman in Khukha by Saudi-led coalition.)

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