U.S. Impose Caesar Act Designations for Syria

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 - 19:57

ISWNews Analysis Group: US administration imposes new sanctions under “Caesar act designation” against Syria and its allies.

According to Caesar act or what USA calls supporting Syrian civilians, Syria’s economy and any allies which are helping in reconstruction of Syria are imposed pressure and sanctions.

The act, which was voted by Congress, imposes economic, financial and bank sanctions on any country or organization which takes part in reconstruction of Syria active from today 17 June 2020 for five years. Syria’s departments and industries active in military, economy and energy are sanctioned as well.

There are six conditions to remove the sanctions:
1. Stopping aerial bombing civilians by Syria and Russia.
2. Syrian, Russian and Iranian, and proxy groups forces obligation to stop bombing health, sanitation and education infrastructure and residential and commercial areas.
3. Lifting limits imposed by Syrian, Russian and Iranian and proxy groups forces on sending humanitarian aids to sieged areas and giving freedom of transport to civilians.
4. Releasing political prisoners and giving permission for human rights organizations to visit Syrian prisons.
5. Providing freedom privilege to refugees to return home.
6. Convicting perpetrators in Syria and starting the talks and national peace.

According to this act, Russia due to providing forces and new warplanes for Syria, Iran due to contracts in energy and Syrian officials due to human rights violation, etc. are imposed with new sanctions.
Trades between Syria and neighbors such as Lebanon and Iraq are included in the act as well.

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