Yemen: Abu Ali al-Hakim went to al-Jawf front

Sunday 12 July 2020 - 08:08

Following the rescue of the only survivor of Mansour Hadi’s crimes against the Al Sabiy’yan tribe, Abu Ali al-Hakim went to al-Jawf to unite the tribes of the region against the Saudi coalition.

In this crime nine members of Al Sabiy’yan tribe (living in Wadi Abidah area, east of Marib province) were killed by Mansour Hadi forces on the charge of supporting Ansar Allah and not supporting Saudi coalition, only a teenager “Abdullah Mohsen Sabiyyan” survived. He was moved to al-Jawf by elders of tribes.

Abu Ali al-Hakim, head of Ansar Allah intelligence service, met with elders of tribes Bakil, Mazhaj, Hamir and Hashid, and received their consent to participate in battles Marib and al-Jawf.

Abu Ali al-Hakim is an Ansar Allah renowned commander who conquered battles Dammaj, Ali Abdullah Saleh intrigue in Sanaa and “Faamkan Minhom” operation in al-Jawf. He is on the black list by Saudi coalition and accused of having close relationship with Iran’s Quds corps and Hezbollah.



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