Latest Updates on Marib and Al Jawf Fronts, 12 July 2020

Sunday, 12 July 2020 - 19:49

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah and Saudi coalition conflict in Sanaa-Marib road axis, Maas base and east of Hazm district.

According to latest updates on recent engagement, Mansour Hadi forces conducted vast attacks to Aqsha’ mountain and Jadfar, south of Khasaf, under heavy aerial support of Saudi coalition, which was neutralized by Ansar Allah counterattack and imposed heavy casualties to Mansour Hadi army. Saudi coalition warplanes bombed the Aqsha’ mountain area 14 times during this operation.

Number of Mansour Hadi and Saudi coalition forces and their air strikes can be seen in the video which shows their vast preparation to reoccupy eastern part of Hazm district. Ansar Allah defeated their operation.

In west of Marib front there are news that Ansar Allah retreated from Kassara area. Ansar Allah never controlled the area to retreat from it.

In south and west of Maas base front Ansar Allah’s attacks halted and we expect imminent vast attack by Ansar Allah due to numerous forces deployed by Ansar Allah and allied tribes.

Abu Ali Hakim, head of Ansar Allah intelligence service, reported of imminent operation to liberate Marib city.
Saudi coalition tried to weaken Ansar Allah and prevent their attacks by heavy air raids (57 times in two days) which were mainly unsuccessful due to awareness of Ansar Allah and allied tribes. There is a hot summer waiting for Saudis and Muslim Brotherhoods.



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