Video: IED attack on the Russian-Turkish joint patrol

Tuesday, 14 July 2020 - 17:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 14, at least 3 Russian soldiers were injured in a large explosion of an IED on the way of the Russian-Turkish patrol at the entrance of Ariha city on the M4 highway in Syria’s southern Idlib.

This explosion has not led to any casualties and only a number of Russian and Turkish forces were wounded, The Russian Defense Ministry said.

The last military patrol in M4 road by Turkey and Russia was done on July 7 from the Tarnabah village to near the Badama village, which was the longest joint military patrol by Turkey and Russia on the M4 highway.

However, Turkey has not yet been able to persuade its armed groups to leave the agreed safe zone south of Idlib, and the M4 is still unsafe despite joint military patrols.

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