New satellite images of the Russia-linked forces presence in Libya

Saturday 25 July 20 - 19:46

The US Terrorist forces command center in Africa (AFRICOM) has released new images of the Russia-linked forces equipment and presence in Libya.

In the released images from the al-Khadim airbase in northeast of Libya and Sirte in north of the country, the IL-76s transport aircraft, Pantsir air defense systems and Russian armored and engineering vehicles are seen. AFRICOM accused Russia of violating the UN Security Council resolution and destructive interfering in Libyan war, by Russian military private companies in Libya.

The Russian private military companies and what are introduced by the Western media as “Wagner” forces, are contractors that are usually supported by the Russian army, directly or indirectly.
Mentioning to this point is worthy that according to the law of Russia, no institution or individual has right for establishing the private military companies inside Russia; however, Russian-linked private companies have been registered and are operating in other countries in the West Asian region and Africa, such as Syria and Libya.

Apart from the constructive, destructive, mercenary role or whatever these forces are, the US terrorist army claims against Russian private military companies while the US itself has a long history of violating all kinds of international commitments and resolutions, and the US terrorist army are killing innocent people in West Asia for years and the colonizing and plundering of the countries and vital resources of the region is still continuing, and the expression of these accusations, at least by the United States, is more like an ugly joke!



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