Military Knowledge: Wing Loong 2 Drone

Sunday 16 August 2020 - 14:57

The Wing Loong II is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group in the People’s Republic of China.

It’s designed to be used as a surveillance and aerial reconnaissance and precision strike platform. The combat drone has a long range strike capability thanks to a satellite link.

The Company unveiled the concept of Wing Loong II at the Aviation Expo China in Beijing in September 2015 and a prototype of the Wing Loong II was presented for the first time to the public during the Airshow China exhibition, held in Zhuhai from 1-6 November, 2016. It was also presented for the first time in Europe during the Paris Air Show in June 2017.

The design of the Wing Loong II UAV MALE is based to the Wing Loong I But it is longer and higher. It has monoplane slender fuselage and empennage with a prominent V-tail and ventral fin.
Each wing incorporates three underwing hardpoints able to carry 12 bombs, rockets or air-to-surface missiles.
A satellite communications antenna is mounted on the bulge at the top front surface of the fuselage, offering data transmission between the UAV and the ground control station.
The Wing Loong II has a length of 11 meters, a wingspan of 20.5 meters and a height of 4.1 m.

The Wing Loong II UAV is powered by a WJ-9A turboprop 500kW (670 shp) engine. It can fly during 20 hours and has a maximum speed of 370 km per hour. The Wing Loong II has an operational radius of 1,500 km and that it is equipped with a satellite communications system.

The Wing Loong II UAV is able of carrying up to 12 laser-guided bombs or missiles with a total weight of 480 kilogram’s. The electro-optical payload pod, fitted under the forward section of the fuselage, is integrated with day light and infrared cameras and sensors to collect surveillance and targeting data in both day and night and low-light conditions.

Like the Wing Loong 1, the Wing Loong 2 has a much lower manufacturing cost than its American rivals, the MQ-1 and MQ-9, and this has made other countries welcome to buy and use the drone.

Length: 11 m
Wingspan: 20.5 m
Height: 4.1 m
Max takeoff weight: 4,200 kg

Powerplant: 1 × WJ-9A turboprop 500kW (670 shp)
Maximum speed: 370 km/h
Endurance: 20 hours
Service ceiling: 9,000 m

Carrying capacity: 480 kg laser-guided bombs and missiles
Bombs: FT-10, FT-9, FT-7, GB7, GB4
Missiles: BRM1, AKD-10, BA-7

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