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Wednesday 21 February 2024 - 12:46

Military Knowledge: Arrow Anti-Ballistic System

The Arrow is a series of anti-ballistic missiles jointly funded, developed and produced by the Israeli regime and the United States of America. This system is considered to be the most effective and strongest anti-ballistic system of the Israel regime, and it was specially developed to deal with Iran’s ballistic missiles.

Sunday 11 February 2024 - 22:02

Military Knowledge: D9 Armoured Bulldozer

The Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer (nicknamed Doobi) is a combat engineering armored bulldozer that has been heavily modified by the Israeli military and aerospace industries to increase the survivability of the bulldozer in hostile environments and enable it to withstand heavy attacks, thus making it suitable for military combat engineering use.

Monday 29 January 2024 - 20:38

Military Knowledge: Almas Missile

Almas (diamond) is an Iranian fire-and-forget short-range anti-armor and anti-personnel weapon that was produced by the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Almas missile is known as the Iranian version of the Israeli Spike missile.

Wednesday 10 January 2024 - 18:34

Military Knowledge: Sa’ar 6-Class Corvette

The Sa’ar 6 corvette is the most advanced warship of the Israeli Navy, built by the German shipbuilding company TKMS. So far, four Sa’ar 6-class corvettes have been built for the Israeli Navy. Considering the missile systems used in this vessel, Sa’ar 6 is actually a warship for air defence purposes and has a low offensive power.

Friday 5 January 2024 - 15:51

Military Knowledge: Harop Suicide Drone

IAI Harop is an expensive loitering munition produced by the Israel Aerospace Industries. This expensive drone is an improved version of Harpy drone and is also known as Harpy-2. The main task of this drone is to suppress the enemy’s air defense systems. Harop drone has been used operationally by the Azerbaijani army against Armenian air defense systems and vehicles in the Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Sunday 17 December 2023 - 14:56

Military Knowledge: Stormer HVM Short-Range Air Defense System

The Stormer HVM system is a high-mobility short-range air defense system that combines the Alvis Stormer armored vehicle with the Starstreak short-range surface-to-air missile. This system is manufactured by the British company Alvis Vickers, now BAE Systems Land & Armaments. The main role of the Stormer HVM is to protect ground forces and key installations […]

Wednesday 29 November 2023 - 21:14

Military Knowledge: Zulfiqar Main Battle Tank

The Zulfiqar tank is the first main battle tank (MBT) of Iran, which has been designed and developed since 1993 based on the experiences of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army during eight years of the Holy Defense (Iraq-Iran war) and in order to meet the needs of the ground forces. So far, the Zulfiqar tank has been designed, developed, and built in three versions by the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad organizations of the Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

Tuesday 28 November 2023 - 14:22

Military Knowledge: Fattah-2 Hypersonic Missile

Fattah-2 missiles are the latest version of hypersonic missiles developed in Iran. This sort of missile is made up of a combination of hypersonic glide vehicles (HGV) and hypersonic cruise missiles (HCM), which has unique features. It seems that the Fattah-2 missile is still in development and more versions will be manufactured in the future.

Monday 27 November 2023 - 14:03

Military Knowledge: Merkava Main Battle Tank

The Merkava tank is a series of main battle tanks (MBT) made by Israel, which forms the backbone of the armored corps of this regime. The word Merkava means “chariot” and is derived from the “holy chariot” in the Torah. This tank is developed in the “Merkava and Armored Combat Vehicles Division” of the Israeli […]

Monday 20 November 2023 - 23:23

Military Knowledge: Kaman-19 Drone

The Kaman-19 drone, named after the Farsi word for “bow,” is a specialized electronic warfare drone used for information gathering, surveillance, etc. It was unveiled during the joint drone exercise of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army in October 2023. The Kaman-19 drone, which was showcased for the first time during the joint army exercise, […]

Saturday 11 November 2023 - 12:48

Military Knowledge: Al-Yassin 105 Anti-Tank Rocket, The Zionists’ Nightmare in Gaza!

Following the onset of a ground invasion by the Israeli regime’s army and the escalation of the fighting in the city of Gaza, footages of scenes of destruction and damage to Merkava tanks and armored vehicles belonging to the regime were released. Palestinian resistance fighters went to meet the invading tanks using Al-Yassin 105 anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades, showing courage and proper tactics, when they hunted down Israeli Merkavas from close range. Before the battle of Gaza, the Israeli army considered explosive devices and bombs as the main obstacle and problem in operations in the Gaza Strip, but the new surprise by Palestinian resistance fighters and extensive use of anti-tank rockets caught the Israeli army off guard. In the following paragraphs, we will introduce and examine this effective weapon.

Tuesday 10 October 2023 - 11:00

Military Knowledge: Mutabar-1 Air Defense System

The Mutabar-1 air defense system is a short-range, low-altitude system, which is developed by Palestinian resistance forces. This air defense system was introduced in October 2023 during Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, in a video released for the first time by Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades.