Military Knowledge: Stormer HVM Short-Range Air Defense System

Sunday 17 December 2023 - 14:56

The Stormer HVM system is a high-mobility short-range air defense system that combines the Alvis Stormer armored vehicle with the Starstreak short-range surface-to-air missile. This system is manufactured by the British company Alvis Vickers, now BAE Systems Land & Armaments.

The main role of the Stormer HVM is to protect ground forces and key installations against low-altitude fighter jets, helicopters and UAVs. This system is an important part of the British Army’s air defense system for the low-altitude air threats. The term HVM stands for High Velocity Missile and represents the missile used in the system.

Alvis Stormer armored vehicle

This car has a maximum speed of 80 km/h on the road. Also, having a fuel tank with a capacity of 454 liters, it can travel a distance of 600 km.

Starstreak HVM

The Starstreak air defense missile is a British short-range missile manufactured by Thales Air Defence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This missile can be used as a man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS). Starstreak HVM has a range of 7 km and an altitude of fire of 5 km, and is capable of engaging various types of missiles, drones, helicopters and other low-altitude flying targets.

The missiles are placed on a turret with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, in number of 8 (4 on each side of the turret). In addition to eight missiles ready to fire, 12 other missiles are stored inside the vehicle for reloading. These missiles are sealed in the production line after preparation. STARStreak HVM is loaded into the system pod with the same factory seal.

Placing the missile in the Stormer HVM system

An Air Defense Alerting Device (ADAD) is also installed on the turret to detect air targets. This system uses an infrared thermal camera. The ADAD system can detect a fighter jet at a distance of 18 km and a helicopter at a distance of 8 km. Also, the system uses a laser range finder to accurately determine the distance to the target and guide the missile.
In addition to ADAD, the Stormer HVM system is equipped with an advanced day and night vision camera that enables thermal imaging for low-light conditions. In some systems, a laser range finder is used to accurately measure the distance to ensure accurate missile guidance.

ADAD system and day and night vision

The Alvis armored vehicle is equipped with eight smoke grenade launchers (four on each side). These grenades are used to create a smoke screen. The Stormer HVM air defense system uses a communication system that allows the crew to communicate with other air defense units and the chain of command. This system uses three crews including commander, driver and gunner.

In addition to the STARStreak missile, there are also reports of using the Martlet missile on this missile. The manufacturer of two missiles is Thales Air Defense and the coordination of the system with this missile is likely.

Internal view of the Stormer HVM in service with the Ukrainian Army

This system has been exported to Oman to serve in the Royal Army of this country. Indonesia is another user of this system. Also, in 2023, a number of this system has been donated to Ukraine.

Specifications of Stormer HVM system:
Type: Short-range defense system
Manufacturer: Missile: Thales Air Defense – Armored Vehicle: BAE Systems Land & Armaments
Origin: United Kingdom
In-service: 1997
Length: 5.6 meters
Width: 2.8 meters
Height: 3.4 meters
Crew: 3
Carrier vehicle: Alvis Stormer
Weight: 13.5 tons (the whole system) – 20 kg (missile weight)
System range: 7 km
Target detection: Air Defense Alerting Device (ADAD)
Detection range: 8 to 18 km (depending on the type of target)
Engagement range: 7 km
Armament: 8 ready-to-fire missiles and 12 stored missiles
Missile: STARStreak HVM
Missile length: 1.4 meters
Missile diameter: 13 cm
Missile weight: 14 kg
Missile range: 5.5 to 7 km (depending on the type)
Altitude of fire: 5 km

Stormer HVM air defense system – Click to view full size image

Infographics of Stormer HVM system in Russian, Farsi and Azeri:

Alvis Stormer
Stormer HVM
Short-range mobile air defense missile system – United Kingdom
Stormer HVM – British mobile air defense system for the Armed Forces

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