Latest Updates on Iraq, 16 August 2020

Sunday 16 August 2020 - 18:49

ISWNews Analysis Group: During the last two weeks near 10 logistics convoys of terrorist American forces were attacked by roadside bombs, the US embassy and Taji base in Baghdad were targeted by rockets.

– Fuad Hussein, Iraqi PM, asked UK, Germany, France to play a role in stopping Turkey from constantly assaulting Iraq’s sovereignty and also to retreat from Iraqi soil.
Iraqi FM contacted Arab League secretary and FMs of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan regarding Turkey’s obvious assaults.

– Opposition of Iraqi politicians and groups with normalizing the relations between UAE and Zionist regime.
Fath coalition in a statement asked nations and Islamic and Arabic states to sanction rulers of UAE.
Qais Khazali, secretary of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq:
Resistance axis protests any normalization of relations with Zionist regime. We destroy all the plans of normalizing relations with Zionists.
Nouri al-Maliki, secretary of Islamic Dawa Party: Political and economical relations with Zionists is betraying the nation.

– Iraqi army blocked ISIS from entering from Syrian border by arresting 20 and killing some others of terrorists.

– Bombing ISIS terrorists gathering in south of Samarra town by Hashad Sha’abi.

– Continuation of bombing north of Iraq by Turkey.
After three Iraqi border guards were martyred in bombing by Turkish drones, two vehicles were targeted by Turkey in the area, Turkey claimed they belonged to PKK.

– Turkish ministry of foreign affairs defending attacks to north of Iraq said in a statement:
We are ready to collaborate with Iraq on this matter if PKK presence in Iraq is tolerated, Turkey is determined to do anything it takes to secure our borders.

– Resistance groups attacks on US terrorist forces increased.
During the last two weeks US terrorist forces logistics caravans were attacked near 10 times by roadside bombs and US embassy and Taji base in Baghdad were targeted by rockets.

– Several months talks between Iraq government and Iqlim Kurdistan to settle financial and political discords finished without results with hostile statements.
Last night by mediation of president Barham Salih, Al Kadhimi and Masrour Barzani agreed on the phone to continue negotiation. Baghdad agreed to pay Iqlim Kurdistan 320 billion dinars for the salary of employees in Iqlim.
Iqlim is in a financial crisis as they could only pay for two months salary of employees.

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