Latest Updates on Marib and Al Jawf, 9 September 2020 (Map Update)

Wednesday 9 September 2020 - 20:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah succeeded in liberating the northern areas of Madghal district in the western part of Marib province from the Saudi-led coalition forces, and the important Mas base is on the verge of complete siege.

According to latest updates from west of Marib front, during last night attack until today afternoon, Ansar Allah could liberate villages Dabin, Majza’, Zabdah, Hanzub, Samerah, Arqah, Zarbah, Safira, Khurayba and Hosur in north of Madghal district from Saudi-led coalition forces.
The conflict to liberate other areas in north and west of Madghal continues.

Considering liberation of north of Madghal, the possibility of Saudi coalition retreating from Mas base is very high. Since the base is almost under siege and if Ansar Allah can hold these areas, the Saudi coalition defeat in west of Marib is obvious.

In Al Jawf front, the Saud-led coalition attack to al-Alama and Rayan fronts did not achieve anything and areas Nodhood, Sak mountain and Abraq al-Khaliqa are under control of Ansar Allah and popular committees.

Areas Alam al-Abyadh and Alam al-Aswad were under control of Saudi-led coalition forces before and Saudi coalition media claim that Ansar Allah retreated from them is false.
Other areas such as Qarn Salem, Farida and Zayn Min, that were mentioned as vast advances in Al Jawf, are desert less important areas between Nodhood and Alam al-Abyadh, and are frontline between two sides and no one controls them.

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