Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo, Syria

Friday, 11 September 2020 - 18:13

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the early hours of September 11, Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles targeting the al-Safirah area near the city of Aleppo.

Syrian media reported that most of the missiles were intercepted and destroyed, however, several missiles hit the targets.
The attack reportedly targeted Syrian army defense industry factories in the al-Safirah area, 21 km southeast of Aleppo.

The Israeli regime also attacked SAA points in central and southern Syria on August 31 and September 2. The Israeli media and the Israeli army claim that these attacks are carried out against the positions of Iranian-backed forces in Syria, and the purpose of these attacks is to put more pressure on Iran to leave Syria; however, Israel’s goal has not been achieved so far, and it is highly unlikely that Iran will give up its support for its key regional ally.

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