Latest Updates on Yemen, 13 September 2020

Sunday, 13 September 2020 - 12:11

Latest news from Ma’rib, Al-Hudaydah fronts and Saudi coalition airstrikes

1. Marib:
– Ansar Allah fired four missiles at Saudi coalition positions in Ma’rib.
– Ansar Allah has launched a major offensive to liberate the areas of al-Habisa, al-Ajam al-Sud and al-Ataf in the Rahba district from the control of the Saudi coalition. Clashes are currently taking place in Araftan.
– Continuation of clashes between Ansar Allah and Saudi coalition forces on the east and west fronts of Madghal and the outskirts of Al-Ruwaik base in the north of Ma’rib.
– Sheikh Nimran Nasser bin Ali Oushan, the commander of Mansour Hadi forces in the al-Alam front, was killed by Ansar Allah.

2. Saudi coalition airstrikes:
In the past 24 hours, the Saudi coalition warplanes have bombed 7 times Madghal district, 16 times Majzar district, 16 times Mahliyah district, 6 times Sa’awan area in Sanaa province.

3. Al-Hudaydah:
– Saudi-led coalition forces have violated the ceasefire in the al-Hudaydah province 380 times in the past 48 hours.
– Local authorities in al-Hudaydah renamed Zayed Street to Palestine Street in response to the normalization of the UAE’s relations with the Zionist regime.

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