Infographic: 2000 days after the Saudi coalition aggression on Yemen

Thursday, 17 September 2020 - 11:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi coalition aggression against Yemen began in 2015, and so far, 2,000 days after the aggression, 43,181 Yemenis have been martyred and wounded.

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Yahya al-Sari said on his Twitter page: “Yemeni people, the armed forces and popular committees were steadfast during 2,000 days of aggression against our country, certainly those who stood steadfast at this period are able, with God’s help, to withstand 4,000 days and even more. The situation during the first 100 days of aggression is different about the situations during 1,000 days of aggression and what it is today after 2,000 days of aggression is completely differnt ?! Let Yemen be an independent dignity.”

Saudi aggression against Yemen continues while so far no effective efforts have been made by the so-called international organizations and UN to stop Saudi Arabia’s war and crimes against Yemen, and this is negligence while even European countries and the United States continue to send various weapons and armaments to Saudi Arabia to kill Yemenis.

Statistics of the Saudi coalition aggression on Yemen after 2000 days:
– Total martyrs and wounded: 43,181 people
– 16,978 martyrs, including 3,790 children and 2,381 women
– 26,203 people were injured, including 4,089 children and 2,780 women

– The total number of destroyed and damaged facilities and infrastructures is 9,135
– Destroyed or damaged 15 airports, 16 ports, 304 power plants and generators and 547 communication networks
– Destroyed or damaged 2,098 warehouses and water supply network and 1965 government centers and 4,200 roads and bridges
– The total number of damaged and destroyed houses is 565,973
– The total number of damaged and destroyed service centers is 576,528
– Destroyed or damaged 176 universities
– Destroyed or damaged 1375 mosques, 356 tourist centers and 389 hospitals and medical centers
– Destroyed or damaged 1095 schools and educational centers and 6732 agricultural lands, 132 sports centers, 244 ancient centers and 47 media centers

– The total number of destroyed and damaged economic centers is 22,404
– Destroyed or damaged 393 factories, 286 fuel trucks, 11,227 commercial centers and 407 poultry and livestock

– Destroyed or damaged 6,899 vehicles, 463 fishing boats, 884 food depots, 391 fuel stations, 672 markets and 783 food trucks

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