Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 September 2020

Friday, 25 September 2020 - 20:27

Latest news from the Yemeni fronts

1. Marib:
Clashed between Ansar Allah and Saud-led coalition forces continue in Rayan and Alam al-Abyadh fronts. News of Ansar Allah attacking to east of Marib road in the south of Alam and cutting it is not correct.

2. Saudi coalition air strikes:
Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed Rahbah district 11 times, Maheliyah district 2 times, Majzar and Sarwah districts in Marib province 6 times and Hamdan 7 times and Khab and Shaaf district in Al Jawf province 9 times in the last 48 hours.

3. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi-led coalition forces violated ceasefire 428 times in the province in the last 48 hours.

4. Interior Ministry of the Yemeni Salvation Government reported of arresting 17 terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist groups during the last week.

5. Sanaa:
People and tribes of Sanaa province in a gathering collected more than 500 million Yemeni Rials to help the fronts.(image)

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