Secretary General of al-Nujaba: Attacking American targets continue until they go away!

Sunday, 27 September 2020 - 19:37

Akram al-Kaabi, the Secretary General of al-Nujaba called US secretary of state threats as someone who is drowning and said the scream of enemies are because the Resistance in Iraq is victorious.

Akram al-Kaabi tweeted: “These useless threats show that the Resistance endeavors to get back the Iraq sovereignty from Americans are fruitful.”
He congratulated the Resistance achievements, encouraging them to continue and said: “Enemies threats do not scare the warriors. When we stepped in this way we had one of these two desires: victory or martyrdom.”

The Secretary General of al-Nujaba emphasized that Iraqi groups should ask Americans to respect the parliament act and demand of the nation to remove their occupying forces from Iraq completely.

Abu ali al-Askari, security chief of Kataib Hezbollah of Iraq addressing US secretary of state tweeted:
“Our answer to stupid Pompeo, who is used to threatening and intimidating language, is to do your best and continue your intrigues, guiles and enmity. Swear to God you can’t fade away the Resistance forces and cannot loosen their determination. Your threats and nonsenses will fire back at yourself, in despite of what you and your stupid master expect. You know well that men in Iraq have steel hearts and will take you down a peg ruthlessly then we will see who is cruel.”

In recent months Iraqi Resistance groups attacks against American terrorist forces positions and caravans have increased and in recent weeks reached their peak which scared the American occupying officials severely. Due to Iraq parliament resolution to exit American forces from Iraq and ignoring it by Americans and as we approach US election, it seems Iraqi Resistance groups attacks on American terrorist soldiers will increase and important goals will be achieved…

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