Details of negotiation between Ansar Allah and the Hadi government in Geneva

Monday, 28 September 2020 - 20:30

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the recent negotiation between Ansar Allah and the resigned government of Mansour Hadi in Geneva, both sides agreed on exchanging POWs.

During this negotiation that took place in Geneva under UN supervision, 680 of Ansar Allah and popular committees on POWs will be exchanged with 400 of Saudi-led coalition POWs including 15 Saudis and 4 Sudanese, on 15 October.

The agreement, which was between Ansar Allah and the resigned government, Saudi Arabia and UAE, will take place in three stages,
1. Marib: 230 Ansar Allah POWs exchange with 230 Mansour Hadi POWs.
2. Aden, Dhale and Lahij: 200 Ansar Allah POWs exchange with 150 Southerners POWs.
3. Exchanging 15 Saudi, 4 Sudanese and son of Ali Mohsen Ahmar with 200 Ansar Allah POWs.

Abdulqader Murtadha, head of POW affairs of Yemen rescue government, confirming the details said: “The second session of the talks regarding the second stage of the exchange will take place in Oman.”

In the first stage of the exchange process, cleric Yahya al-Deylami and Fuad al-Fakhir of Yemen Zaidiyyah scholars will be released by Saudi coalition and son of Muhsen Ahmar, Mansour Hadi vice president, will be released by Ansar Allah.

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