Takfiris in Azerbaijan?! + Video

Tuesday, 29 September 2020 - 12:48

Last week, news broke that some members of Takfiri armed groups based in northern Syria had been transferred to the Republic of Azerbaijan. Although this news was not confirmed due to the lack of documentation, it caused a wave of concern among the media and religious figures of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Shortly afterwards, a foreign journalist posted a photo on his Twitter account titled “Hamza Brigade” forces on the way to Azerbaijan”, which shows a group of Takfiri gunmen on a plane. The publication of domino-like images of the constant flight of Turkish planes to the Republic of Azerbaijan, the announcement of the directive banning the transfer of militants to the Republic of Azerbaijan by the “322nd Battalion Command of the Free Syrian Army” and some protest tweets by Takfiri figures on the subject further strengthened speculation about the veracity of Takfiri presence in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Although due to the internet outage in the early hours of yesterday in the Republic of Azerbaijan, not many pictures of the region’s interactions were published even by the state media, but in the final hours, the release of a video of fighters sent to the Karabakh front line in Horadiz caused a great deal of controversy. Because these images are very similar to the events of previous years in Syria and Iraq.

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