Latest Updates on Yemen 16 October 2020

Saturday, 17 October 2020 - 18:47

Latest news from the Yemeni fronts

1- Sanaa:
– The second stage of Ansar Allah and Saudi coalition POW exchange finished. Muhammad Abdulsalam, Ansar Allah chief negotiator confirmed release of 671 POWs.
– Abdulqader Murtadha, head of AnsarAllah POW affairs committee, said that 10 of AnsarAllah POWs were not released by the resigned government, and said in retaliation 10 of Saudi coalition POWs were not released.

2- Marib:
Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Majzar and Rahbah districts four times in the last 48 hours.

3- Al Jawf:
Saudi coalition warplanes bombed Khab and Shaaf and Hazm districts 13 times in the last 48 hours.

4- Al Hudaydah:
Saudi coalition forces violated ceasefire in the province 353 times in the last 48 hours.

5- Saadah:
Due to Saudi coalition artillery shelling Baqim district a five years old child was martyred another child injured.

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