Azerbaijan Makes Vast Advances Along Karabakh’s Southern Flanks (Map Update)

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 - 20:55

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Azerbaijani forces advance in the south of Karabakh region, the Azerbaijani army managed to clear a large number of villages, including the important village of Zengilan from the Armenian forces.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced that Azerbaijani forces took control of the villages of Dordchinar, Kurdler, Yuxari Abdurrahmanli, Gargabazar, Ashagi Veysalli, Yuxari Aybasanli in the Fuzuli (rayon)district, Safarsha, Hesengaydi, Fuganli, Imambagi, Dash Veyselli, Agtepe, Yarehmedli in the Jabrayil (rayon)district, Agjakend, Mulkudere, Dashbashi, Gunashli, Chinarli in the Khojavend (rayon)district, Havali, Zerneli, Mammadbeyli, Hekeri, Sharifan, Muganli in the Zengilan (rayon)district and the town of Zengilan in the south of Karabakh region.

Regarding the names announced by the President of Azerbaijan, it is noteworthy that the declared villages in the Fuzuli region, as well as a number of other villages in other regions, were captured from the Armenian forces in the previous days and declaring them is a kind of psychological warfare.
Nevertheless, the progress made over the past 24 hours is one of the most important advances of the Azerbaijani forces in recent weeks and it has practically taken the southern regions of Karabakh out of the control of the Armenian forces.

In the map you see, the progress made since the beginning of the battles from September 27 to October 19 is marked in yellow and the progress of the last 2 days is marked in blue.

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