Shusha-Lachin road is closed

Wednesday 4 November 2020 - 20:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Shushan Stepanyan, Armenia DM spokesperson, reported that Azerbaijan attack to control Shusha-Lachin road was repelled but some of the road is closed to public.

Armenia DM spokesperson said regarding Azerbaijan operation in south of Lachin: “Today at 10:30 local time at southeast of Lachin town Azerbaijan forces attacked again using IFVs. Artsakh army repelled the attack by destroying three tanks. At 12:55 Azerbaijan launched a new attack which was repelled again by losing two tanks and two vehicles. The conflict continues at this front.”

Shushan Stepanyan said that Azerbaijan commando and pioneer forces fought in this axis added: “After midnight, enemy sabotage group tried to claim Shusha road but faced Artsakh army and volunteer units resistance and retreated with heavy casualties.”

Today afternoon he reported that the Shusha-Lachin road is closed on civilians and said: “At the moment the forces are searching and cleansing sabotage groups of Azerbaijan. In this sense part of Shusha-Lachin road is closed to public.”

Considering these remarks, it seems Azerbaijan forces intent to cut Karabakh and Armenia road at two points of Lachin and Shusha simultaneously.

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