Iran’s decisive warning to conflict sides in Karabakh: We don’t let anyone to pass the red lines

Friday, 6 November 2020 - 22:43

Commanders of Iran’s Army and IRGC visiting northwestern border areas in the past week warned conflict sides of Karabakh war regarding Iran’s severe intent to clash with anyone who is changing the geopolitics of the region.

Brigadier general Kioumars Heydari, commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces: Keeping the geopolitics of the region is our red line and no power should change it and we won’t tolerate it.
He considered deploying army units at borders to protect the borders as the red lines of the country and added: We never permit anyone to cross red lines of Islamic Republic of Iran, our red line is security, safety and comfort of our people and the army is beside people to provide their security and peace.

Sending Mersad and Tor-M1 air defense systems to the northwestern borders of Iran

Last week Brigadier general, Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Ground Forces, stated that no change in geopolitical borders is tolerated and it is red line of Islamic Republic of Iran and if it is necessary we increase the presence of our forces at the border.

IRGC Ground Force deployed more forces and equipment at the border area such as Aslanduz, Khoda Afarin and Jolfa after the conflict became tenser in Karabakh last month.
In recent days some of Iranian Army’s 16th division armored equipment were deployed to northwest areas of the country.

Sending military equipment to the border areas of northwestern Iran

Some believe that this amount of equipment and forces in northwest of Iran is to prevent Azerbaijan and Turkey to use Iran soil to cut through Iran and Armenia border, which seems to be impossible considering Iran’s military strength and determination.
The most probable scenario regarding Iran’s deploying SAMs and equipment and forces to northwest of the country is the “Show of Force”.
Iran aims to show the power and decisive intent to keep the security and peace at its northwester border and preparation for any threat.

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