Palestine: Details of last night rocket attack to occupied lands

Sunday, 15 November 2020 - 14:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: An informed source in Palestinian Resistance said that it is possible that an incident caused the rockets to fire.

This informed source said in an interview with al-Quds paper: Due to heavy rain in Gaza Strip, it is possible that water infiltrate into the missiles silo and caused short circuit and fired them.

He did not confirm nor reject the intentional firing of the missiles. He added that Palestinian Resistance was in full alert due to Zionist regime indirect threats in the last few days in case of any assault.
He warned that all the Resistance groups will answer decisively and severely if Zionists regime commits any stupid action.

Zionist regime media claimed that Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine rejected the responsibility of the rockets fired last night, in an indirect message to the Zionist regime. The media claimed the rockets belonged to Hamas.

In latest updates of Gaza Strip, a committee of Hamas political branch went to Cairo to meet with intelligence officials of Egypt. The mediation between the Resistance and Zionist regime is usually done by Egypt when tension increases.

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