Latest Updates On Afghanistan & Pakistan, 6 & 7 May 2018; Assassination of Pakistan’s Interior Minister.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018 - 17:43

The failed attempt for assassination of“Ehsan Eghbal” ; Pakistan’s interior minister ; Failed attempt for suicide attack in Kabul ; The temporary fall ofKuhestan city of Badakhshan province located northeast of Afghanistan.

1. The temporary fall of Kuhestan city from Badakhshan province, located northeast of Afghanistan.
Military officials announced the retaking of the city on last day.


2. Terrorist blast in Yaghobi mosque of Khost city.
According to the latest statistics, 17 were martyred and 33 injured.
Taliban didn’t took responsibility for this attack.
lately, the attacks are growing drastically against voting and election registration centers


3. The failed suicide attack in Kabul.

The attacker was targeting a blood donating location, but he was indentified by the security forces and perished/killed.


4. The Kolian region in Bilchiragh district of Faryab province, have fallen into the hands of Taliban.


5. The failed attempt for assassination of “Ehsan Eghbal”, Pakistan’s interior minister.

Ehsan Eghbal, during a political summit, injured by the shooting and was transferred to the Lahor Hospital; also the attacker, named “Abed Hussain”, is arrested.

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