Latest Updates on Yemen, 5 December 2020

Saturday, 5 December 2020 - 11:25

Latest news from the Marib, al-Jawf, al-Hudaydah, Saadah and Sanaa frontlines

1- Marib:
– Another convoy of Saudi coalition withdrew from the Tadawin camp to the al-Wadiyah border crossing.
– Saudi coalition warplanes bombed 5 times the district of Madghal and Majzar and 1 the district of al-Abdiyah.
– The contact lines between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces in the Raghwan front have not changed and scattered clashes are continue. Also, the news of the advance of the coalition in the north of Asdas or the fall of the coalition positions in Ragwvan is not true.

2- al-Jawf:
The Saudi coalition warplanes bombed al-Aqsha’ area in the al-Hazm district and al-Khanjar camp in the Khab and al-Shaaf district 4 times.

3- Sanaa:
Saudi coalition warplanes struck Sanaa airport.

4- Saadah:
Saudi coalition warplanes struck al-Zahir district 3 times and Baqim district 4 times.

5- Al-Hudaydah:
Saudi-led coalition forces have violated the ceasefire 78 times in the past 24 hours.

6- Ansar Allah drone attack on the positions of the Saudi coalition in the south of Saudi Arabia. Saudi coalition affiliated media outlets have claimed that an Ansar Allah drone was shot down.

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