Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces: “Iran Shouldn’t Have Accepted JCPOA from Very First Day”

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 - 11:39

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri: “The Iranian people did not want the nuclear agreement, however our people accepted it to prove its goodwill to the international community and today we are faced with a regime that is not committed to what it signed to.”

“[The US exit] proved we should stand on our own feet and do not rely on such things as JCPOA,” he said, adding that the country needs to depend on domestic capacities to make progress.


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday pulled the United States out of an international nuclear deal with Iran.


Once again, it has been proven to the whole world that the United States never adheres to its promises, and once again it became clear that the United States can not be trusted.

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