Latest Updates on Yemen, 21 January 2021

Thursday 21 January 2021 - 19:13

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US Treasury Department put Ansar Allah movement in terrorist list.

1- Saudi coalition air raids in the last 48 hours
– 3 times Madghal district and once Jabal Murad district, Marib province.
– 7 times Khab and Shaaf district, Al Jawf province.
– 3 times Zaher district and once Kitaf district, Saadah province.
– 6 times Haradh district and 2 times Hayran district, Hajjah province.
– 3 times Qifah area, Baydha province.

2- Al Hudaydah
Saudi-led coalition forces violated ceasefire in the province 313 times in the last 48 hours.

3- US Treasury put Ansar Allah movement in terrorist list.
It also put Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, Leader of Ansar Allah, Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim, Head of the Intelligence Agency and Sayyed Abdul Khaliq Badreddin al-Houthi, Commander of the Central Military Zone of Ansar Allah in wanted terrorist list.

Probably the reason of sanctioning the leader and two great commanders of Ansar Allah is Ansar Allah’s recent achievements in operations ‘Fa’amkana Minhom’ and ‘Bonyan al-Marsus’ under their leadership and command.
Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim aka Abu Ali, a main commander of Ansar Allah, who has experience commanding in Dammaj battle, Ali Abdullah Saleh intrigue in Sanaa, ‘Fa’amkana Minhom’ operation (liberation of west of Al Jawf province) and north of Baydha operation against ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists groups. He could also convince the tribes of Rahbah in south of Marib to swear allegiance with Ansar Allah to push back Saudi coalition.
Abdul Khaliq Badreddin al-Houthi, brother of Sayyed Abdul-Malik leader of Ansar Allah, is commander of central zone and had an important role in operation ‘Bonyan al-Marsus’ (liberation of Nihm district in Sanaa province and west of Marib province).

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