New Turkish Offensive in Northern Iraq, Three Turkish Soldiers killed

Thursday 11 February 2021 - 18:10

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced the launch of another new military operation called “Claw Eagle 2” in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that Turkish forces have launched another operation called “Claw Eagle 2” in northern Iraq. On the occasion of the start of the operation, the Turkish army released a video of the transfer of Turkish special forces to the foothills of Mount Gareh in areas controlled by the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Clashes reportedly broke out between Turkish forces and the PKK after the transfer of Turkish troops to the region, with Turkey announcing that two of its troops had been killed in the fighting hours after the operation began. The admission that Turkish troops were killed a few hours after the start of the operation indicates heavy fighting and the possibility of more casualties.

The PKK group announced the intensity of the clashes in the area on Thursday and announced that several Turkish troops had been killed.

PKK reported that at least nine soldiers and one of the commanders of the Turkish Special Forces, Harun Tahan, were killed on Mount Gareh in northern Iraq. According to PKK, the forces that Turkey transferred to Mount Gareh near Emadiyeh in Dohuk province for the operation are parts of Turkish troops whom were inside the northern Iraq before.

Turkey’s “Claw Eagle 2” operation has begun inside Iraq, while in recent months and years Turkey has conducted several other operations to fight the PKK. Currently, the bombing of Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Iraq is carried out on a daily basis by Turkish planes, as a result of which dozens of civilians have lost their lives or been injured.

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