Anniversary of Taliban and US agreement

Author: ISWNews
Friday, 12 March 2021 - 00:00

Where is US-Taliban agreement standing after one year? Where is Afghanistan evolution going to?

USA-Taliban agreement, which was called an achievement by both sides, has turned into an obscure problem after a year and worsens the crisis in Afghanistan. Taliban’s opposers, accuse them for not being obliged to the agreement and the Afghanistan administration does not comply with US obligations to form a temporary administration. The new US administration is revising the agreement, as usual!
Most of the media and analysts of Afghanistan believe that the agreement between USA and Taliban increased power of Taliban, since the ceasefire process and the privileges for the central government are so weak and vulnerable. Therefore Taliban, abusing the agreement, shows off as the anti-occupation hero and restores its social figure.

What have been implemented so far from the agreement is the following:

1- About six thousand Taliban prisoners were released by the central government. Ashraf Ghani said he was against his part of the agreement and did it under US pressure.

2- Bombing stopped in part of the Afghanistan, which were bombed due to Taliban presence.

3- 13,651 of the central government employees joined Taliban since the agreement was signed.

4- Many countries including USA recognized Taliban and started to contact with the group. At the moment three countries have official relations with Taliban and some countries like Turkmenistan are signing contracts and having close relations with Taliban.

5- In despite that Taliban was obliged not to operate in major cities, but many districts in provinces Qandahar, Helmand, Zabul, etc., were occupied by them. As an example in the past year, Arghistan in Qandahar, Atghar district in Zabul province and southern and western regions of Helmand were occupied by Taliban and USA did not show any reaction.

6- The political and social situation is in the favor of Taliban since the agreement and some political figures, who had a position due to opposing Taliban, are now ignored or immigrated abroad.

7- Number of US troops in Afghanistan went down from 13 thousand to 2,500 after the agreement and helped Taliban stance of anti-occupation.

US new administration has not clearly declared its stance about Afghanistan but reassigning Zalmay Khalilzad as US special envoy in Afghanistan affairs and his recent trip to this country regarding forming the temporary administration shows continuation of Trump policy regarding Taliban.
Some western analysts believe Joe Biden considers federal government for future of Afghanistan and he believes there is no way for Afghanistan to be united.
Nevertheless, Westernized people of Afghanistan, who were against a temporary administration, should now follow US policies.
It is said US is trying to hold a summit in Turkey with presence of leaders of all the movements and Taliban and confirm the formation of a temporary administration. The task of this temporary administration is said to protect the achievement of recent years from army to social freedoms and human rights until a transparent election is held. In the next step, USA is merging the Taliban into the government and removing them from other countries like Pakistan to make Afghanistan a dependent and close ally to USA.

But will this American dream come to reality or the tribal and religious discords divide Afghanistan? The evolution of incidents in Afghanistan answers that question.

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